Wizard Whitebeard's scrolls were first introduced in The Great Waldo Search as something that the reader had to find on each page. According to the book, "when [Waldo] found all 12 scrolls, he would understand the truth about himself." Each scroll had a different colored ribbon in The Great Waldo Search and it's remake The Fantastic Journey. In other books, scrolls would have a red ribbon on every page. It can be assumed that you're finding the same scroll on every page since it is not pluralized in the introductions and it is always the same color. In all of the special editions, Where's Waldo in Hollywood, The Wonder Book, and The Great Picture Hunt!; the red-ribboned scroll is one of the five lost items that the reader must locate on every page. The other four items are Waldo's key, Wenda's camera, Odlaw's binoculars, and Woof's bone.

Books featuring Wizard Whitebeard's scroll