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Wizard Whitebeard
Character Information
Debut: The Great Waldo Search (1989)
Species: human
Gender: male
Items: scrolls
Family: Wizard LongBeard (Father)
Home: Wizard Whitebeard's cave
Birthday: {{{birthday}}}

The magical Wizard Whitebeard often visits Waldo with one of his many magical scrolls (something he always ends up losing). The Wizard is recognizable by his red robe, his bare feet, blue hat, long white beard, and his striped staff. Whitebeard is the one with the magic that allows Waldo and his friends to travel to all the magical and far off lands. While there are rumors stating that he is the father of Wenda, these have not been confirmed and are not considered canon.


Wizard Whitebeard first appeared in 1989 in the book The Great Waldo Search.

Where's Waldo?

Whitebeard is portrayed by Thomas Lennon and has undergone a significant redesign, now serving as Waldo and Wenda's mentor in the Worldwide Wanderer Society. His beard has been shortened drastically, though it still extends nearly to his knees, and it seems to function as an extra limb. His hair is also shorter but spiky on top, and he has discarded his traditional wizardly attire for more modern clothes. These include jeans, a long-sleeved blue shirt with the cuffs rolled up, and a grayish blue striped vest which he wears over it. He still goes barefoot but no longer wears a pointed wizard's cape, and his long striped-staff has been replaced with a twisted length of gray wood closer in size to a walking cane.

In the episode Hang Ten in Tahiti, Whitebeard receives a postcard from his colleague Wizard Wavybeard, alerting him of the loss of the Wave Key. When activating the Wander Globe, he dons a star covered red robe and pointy blue hat reminscent of his classic attire.

In the episode Gibraltar ROCKS!, it is his birthday, so Waldo and Wenda go out to Gibraltar to get him a birthday present. Then revealed at the end of the episode it is revealed that another wizard called Wizard LongBeard who lives in Gibraltar is his father as a birthday gift from Waldo and Wenda.