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Premiere Issue

The premiere issue of Where's Waldo? Magazine was released in "Winter 1992".


  • Greetings From Waldo (pg. 1)
A few words from Waldo about the new magazine.
  • Wizard Whitebeard's Wisdom (pg. 4-5)
The wacky Wizard presents the hottest new slang and some awesome tricks for you to try!
  • Waldo News! (pg. 6)
Check out the latest Waldo stuff, including ties, books and more.
The creator of Waldo and his friends steps into the spotling in this exclusive interview.
  • Wily Writing & Tricky Talking (pg. 12-13)
Here are three ways you and your friends can communicate without letting anyone in on the secret.
  • Waldo's Cane Journey (pg. 14-15)
Blast off for Space City with Waldo and meet a hungry, two-headed jogger!
  • Where's Waldo? Magazine Collector's Pullout (pg. 16-17)
Waldo and the gang are featured in this special group portrait.
  • WoofTales (pg. 18-19)
What happens when Woof meets "The Monster in the Dark?" Read this comic story to find out.
  • Draw Waldo (pg. 20-21)
With simple shapes and just the right stripes, these instructions will help you create your own Waldo pictures.
  • Waldo Hall of Fame (pg. 23-25)
Waldo takes an up-close look at two famous explorers: Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus.
  • A-Walking We Will Go (pg. 27-29)
Hiking is more than great exercise - it's also a terrific way to see the world. Here are the basics of long distance walking.
  • Monster Movie Matinee (pg. 30-31)
Join Wenda at the Bijou Theater for the round-up of classic creature features.
  • Stop! It's Not Over Yet! (pg. 32)
Just when you think you've reached the end of this issue, you can go back and find the items on Waldo's list.