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Where's Waldo? Magazine was a short-lived magazine published quarterly by Welsh Publishing Group, Inc from 1992 to 1993. Only two issues were produced.

The premiere issue was released in winter 1992; the final issue was released in spring 1993.

Recurring features and columns included:

  • Greetings From Waldo - a personal letter to readers from Waldo.
  • Wizard Whitebeard's Wisdom - odd tricks and trivia from Wizard Whitebeard
  • Waldo News - Updates and information on new Where's Waldo products and productions.
  • Collector's Pullout Poster - An exclusive removable center fold poster featuring Waldo and friends.
  • Waldo Hall of Fame - Profiles on famous explorers and historical travelers.
  • WoofTales - A two-page comic adventure staring Woof.
  • Games & Puzzles - Mazes, word searches, puzzles, games, etc.
  • Stop! It's Not Over Yet! - A list of things to go back and find in the pages of the magazine.

Other notable features included an exclusive interview with Martin Handford in issue 1, a showcase of Handford's early childhood artwork in issue 2, and a step-by-step "how to draw Waldo" guide.

The basic subscription price was $7.80 (US) per year ($1.95 per issue).


Publication Credits

Publisher: Donald E. Welsh
VP/Editoral Director: Katy Dobbs
Design Director: Pegi Goodman
Editor: Adam Philips

Art Director: Jim Iucci
Copy Editor: Robin Bromley
Editorial Assistant: Christine Sokoloski
Vice President/Adversiting: Myles Grossman
Advertising Director: Jacob Hill
Account Managers: Charlotte DeFuria & Scott Morehouse (issue 1) / Glenn Maiorano & Matthew Redd (issue 2)
Marketing Manager: Andrea E. Wilson
West Coast Advertising Managers: Jackie Neumeier & Debra Allsopp
Vice President/Associate Publisher: Samuel O. J. Spivy

© Martin Handford / Where's Waldo? Inc. 1992 & 1993
Printed in the USA

Where's Waldo? Magazine
P.O. Box 7560
Red Oak, IA 51591

Welsh Publishing Group, Inc.
300 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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