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You may be looking for the 2019 animated series, Where's Waldo? (Dreamworks).

Where's Wally? in the UK (also known as Where's Waldo? in the USA) was an animated television series, distributed by DiC Entertainment and Waldo Films. The series aired on CBS Kids for one season (1991–1992) and spawned 13 half-hour episodes plus four direct-to-video specials. As of today, DHX Cookie Jar distributed the episodes while Classic Media collaborate the production remaster.


Ep01.JPG My Left Fang
Wally and Woof goes to the land of the Nasty Nasties to help a vampire named Fang.
Ep02.jpg Forest Women
Wally and Woof goes to save the magic forest from Fred and his evil knights who deside to destroy the forest.
Ep03.JPG It's A Gruel, Gruel World
Wally and Woof goes to the land of Gobbling Gluttons to help Chef Baker Cook.
Ep04.JPG The Great Ball Game
Wally and Woof goes to the land of Great Ball game to help King Fussifuss find his missing trophy.
Ep05.JPG Draining the Deep
Wally and Woof goes to the Land of The Deep Sea Divers to help stop the ocean from draining.
Ep06.JPG The Underground Hunters
Wally and Woof goes to the Land of The Underground Hunter to find Wizard Whitebeard's lost scroll.
Ep07.JPG The Unfriendly Giants
Wally and Woof goes to the Land of The Unfriendly Giantsto to help the people with "big" problem.
Ep08.JPG A Stone Age Story
Wally and Woof goes back in time to the stone age, and help the bear and the animals get back to their job!
Ep09.jpg The Land of the Carpet Flyers
When there is trouble in the Land of the Carpet Flyers, Wizard Whitebeard sends Wally and Woof to help Rugnesh.
Ep10.JPG The Living Exhibits
Wally, Woof and Wenda go to a museum where everything is alive.
Ep11.jpg Ahead of the Future
Wally and Woof travels into the future to help Robot 9 from being scrapped.
Ep12.jpg Viking Fling
Wally and Woof accompany Miss Pixie to the Land of the Vikings to retrieve the Magical Musical Golden Horn.
Ep13.JPG The Land of the Lost Pyramid
Wally and Woof travel to the Land of the Lost Pyramid


The Meanie Genie of Aladdin's Lamp
When a Genie starts causing trouble in Lampsmania, Wally takes the case and travles to the legendrary city. There he finds out that the genie will distroy Lampsmania unless Wally is able to find Fernwick, the man who created the genie's first lamp. So now Wally (and Woof) have to set out on a quest for the old lamp maker.
The Merry X-mas Mix Up (1992).jpg
The Merry X-mas Mix Up
Wally and his friends learn that Santa's gift list has been scrambled. So it's up to Wally, Woof, Wenda, and the gang to help straighten things out or else Christmas may be canceled.
Around the World in a Daze
A journey filled with surprises is in store, when Wizard Whitebeard sends Wally on yet another assignment. Wally, Woof and Wenda set out to help a famous explorer break a world record on a trip around the globe. However problems arise as they try to keep one step ahead of the explorer's scheming rival. Odlaw also trails along, hoping to steal Wally's magical walking stick.
The Birthday Blow-Out
Wally travels to Birthday Land where cakes reach high into the sky, and gumdrops fill the landscape. Wally and Woof search for a stolen Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake recipe.


The "Where's Wally?" television show was nominated for the "1992 annual Young Artist Award" for Outstanding New Animation Series but lost the award to the "Back to the Future" animated TV show (also on CBS).

Show Merchandise

In 1992 Little Brown and Company released two Wally books based on the adventures and characters from the Where's Wally TV Show. Fun with Waldo and More Fun with Waldo, featured print versions of many of the "Wally Minute" freeze-frame scenes, along with new puzzles and things to spot in each picture.

Cast and Crew

Wally Townsend Coleman
Narrator Jim Cummings
Wizard Whitebeard Brad Garrett
Odlaw Julian Holloway
Woof Dave Workman
Additional Voices
Joe Alaskey
Jack Angel
Jeff Bennett
Greg Berger
Susan Blu
Carol Channing
Cam Clarke
Brian Cummings
Jennifer Darling
Jeannie Elias
Pat Farley
Maurice Lamarche
Mary McDonald Lewis
Michele Mariana
John Mariano
Chuck McCann
Pat Musick
Alan Oppenheimer
Rob Paulsen
Jan Rabson
Roger Rose
Susan Silo
Frank Welker

Created by Martin Handford
Executive Producers Andy Heyward
Martin Handford
Peter Orton
Kate Fawkes
Produced by Peter Aries
Story Editor Bill Mathney
Theme Song Jeff Barry
Music Score Michael Tavera
Animation Production Sei Young Animation Co. Ltd, The Waldo Film Company, DIC Entertainment, Hit Entertainment