Viking Fling
Episode Information
Air date December 7, 1991
Network CBS
Run time 23 minutes
Writer(s) Rowby Goren
Be on the lookout for...
A Woman Carry two Vikings and Two women braided together.

Preceded by Ahead of the Future
Followed by The Land of the Lost Pyramid

Waldo and Woof accompany Miss Pixie to the Land of the Vikings to retrieve the Magical Musical Golden Horn so that she can become a full fledged wizard. Along the way Waldo helps repel the Vikings from the village of Glurb, encounter a purple polka dotted pot bellied sea serpent, meet the Viking Queen Broonhilda, and sail off the edge of the world.

This episode is based off the illustration "On Tour with the Vikings” from Find Waldo Now.


In order of appearance

The Narrator, Woof, Waldo, Wizard Whitebeard, Miss Pixie, Odlaw, Head Viking, Glurb Villager, the Villagers, Sea Serpent, Broonhilda, the Vikings, The Great Ice King Even


Narrator: A sea serpent and it heading straight for our heroes. Well it looks like its curtains for Waldo.
Waldo: Hey great it’s a purple polka dotted pot bellied sea serpent, rarely seen since the last Godzilla movie.

Waldo: Do you know how we can get to the edge of the world?
Broonhilda: Ya sure you take Pico Boulevard turn left at the Ocean, keep going straight and believe me you can't miss it.
Miss Pixie: It's so nice of you to help especially since we're total strangers.
Broonhilda: Strangers hmmm hey you are strange guards we've got a bunch of total strangers in our camp.

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