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The narrator is an unseen, yet pivotal, character in the Where's Waldo? television series.

The narrator's voice would welcome viewers to each episode of the show and give a list of things to "be on the look out for" in the episode. He would follow the action of each story and would often interject his own opinions, commentary, quips, snarky asides and bad puns throughout the adventure. The narrator's voice was not unheard by the characters in the story, as the characters would often respond directly to his comments and hold conversations with him. Odlaw would often talk directly to the narrator.

The narrator would enthusiastically ask the famous question of "Where's Waldo?" during each "Waldo minute" segment; and gave lines such as "we'll be back Waldo watchers!" before each commercial break.

The narrator was voiced by Jim Cummings.


Narrator: Little does Waldo know that he’s being watched by that mean, nasty, low-some...
Odlaw: Um...I believe you left out disgusting.
Narrator: Oh-yeah, sorry. And disgusting, Odlaw!
Odlaw: Thanks, much.
(from "Forest Women")

Narrator: As a public service to our viewers, we are mercifully sparing you the sight of Odlaw, yuck, naked.
(from "Draining the Deep")

Narrator: “Where’s Waldo” you ask? What do I look like, his mother? Find him yourself, Waldo Watchers!
(from "The Unfriendly Giants")
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