The Wonder Book
Publication Information
Author Martin Handford
Illustrator Martin Handford
Published October 6, 1997
Publisher andlewick Press
Pages 32
ISBN 0763603120
Scenes Once Upon a Page
The Mighty Fruit Fight
The Game of Games
Toys! Toys! Toys!
Bright Light and Night Frights
The Cake Factory
The Battle of the Bands
The Odlaw Swamp
Clown Town
The Fantastic Flower Garden
The Corridors of Time
The Land of Woofs
Characters Waldo, Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, and Eleven Travelers.
Objects Waldo's key, Wizard Whitebeard's scroll, Woof's bone, Wenda's camera, and Odlaw's binoculars
Preceded by Where's Waldo in Hollywood (1993)
Followed by The Great Picture Hunt (2006)
Special Edition

Where's Waldo? The Wonder Book was released in 1997. In this adventure, Waldo travels to twelve scenes in which magical books come to life.


  • In the first location, there are twelve giant books and most of them have people walking out of the pages. All five main characters have their own book in this location. They are "Waldo's Travels," "Woof's Book of Animal stories," "Wenda's Guide to Art," "Wizard Whitebeard's Book of Magic," and "The Great Book of Odlaw's Good Deeds" which is humorously the smallest book on the page.
  • Similar to The Land of Waldos, this book features a land full of Odlaws (The Odlaw Swamp) and a land of Woofs (The Land of Woofs).
  • The yellow and black striped animals from The Odlaw Swamp would later appear in "Odlaw's Picture Pandemonium" in The Great Picture Hunt.
  • On the "Game of Games" scene, there is a crossword puzzle that has Waldo's aliases that are used in other countries.
  • The monsters and sailors from "Bright Lights and Night Frights" are almost identical to the monsters and sailors in "Brown Sailors & Green Scalers" from The Great Picture Hunt except for the colors and lack of hat bobbles.
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