The Unfriendly Giants
Episode Information
Air date November 2, 1991
Network CBS
Run time 23 minutes
Writer(s) David Schwartz
Bill Matheny
Be on the lookout for...
Two broom trees and a human checkers game.

Preceded by The Underground Hunters
Followed by A Stone Age Story

There are some little people with a big problem in the Land of the Unfriendly Giants. Wizard Whitebeard sends Waldo off to find three puzzling clues that will end the giants’ reign of terror. Waldo and Woof set out to stop the unfriendly giants, lead by J. Archibald Barrington III (or Archie for short). Waldo follows clues all over the village as he works to solve the Wizard’s riddle, and in the end Waldo is able to teach the townsfolk to stand up for themselves. The episode erupts with a massive battle, when the little people strike back with their tricks and traps. Waldo finally solves the Wizard’s riddle, and finds a way to stop the giants for good.

This episode was based off the illustration “The Unfriendly Giants” from The Great Waldo Search.


In order of appearance

The Narrator, Waldo, Woof, Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard, the giants, villagers, J. Archibald Barrington III, Village Leader, Village Minstrel, Odlaw's Mother, termite, Mrs. Barrington


Odlaw: Did you hear that, Woof? We’re going on another adventure, and it’s going to be a really big one!

Narrator: “Where’s Waldo” you ask? What do I look like, his mother? Find him yourself, Waldo Watchers!

Where's Waldo?
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