The Underground Hunters
Episode Information
Air date October 19, 1991
Network CBS
Run time 23 minutes
Writer(s) David Schwartz
Bill Matheny
Be on the lookout for...
A monsterous bridge, an underground traffic policeman, and some upside-down hunters.

Preceded by Draining the Deep
Followed by The Unfriendly Giants

The Wizard Whitebeard has lost one of his scrolls and asks Waldo to go find it in the Land of the Underground Hunters. There Waldo meets Seymour McGuywholikestocatchdragonsson (the name says it all), a feared dragon hunter, who is fighting the dragons who plague the land and driving them deep into the underground caves. Seymour’s son, Claxton McGuywhodoesntlikestocatchdragonsson, is appalled by this practice; he likes the dragons and is convinced that they mean the humans no harm. Waldo (and Woof) travel deep into the caves of the Land of the Underground hunters in search of the Wizard’s scroll. Soon they meet Bernie, a small dragon, who follows them on their quest. Following Whitebeard’s clues, the three travelers confront dragons, take a ride on a giant rock slide, and survive an avalanche. Seymour, and the other hunters, soon come to respect the dragons when Bernie saves Claxton’s life. Life in the Land of the Underground Hunters will not be the same since the hunters learn that dragons aren’t mean, nasty, and all around icky – but will the Wizard get his missing scroll?

This episode was based off the illustration “The Underground Hunters” from The Great Waldo Search.


In order of appearance

The Narrator, Woof, Waldo, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, The underground hunters, Seymour McGuywholikestocatchdragonsson, red dragon, Claxton McGuywhodoesntlikestocatchdragonsson, brown dragon, dragon hunter cheerleaders, Bernie, Long-tounged dragon, the yellow underground snakes, lost and found clerk, Dragon Whitebeard


Waldo: Look a fire-breathing dragon, let's get a closer look!

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