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The Ultimate Fun Book!
Publication Information
Author Martin Handford
Illustrator Martin Handford
Published November 1990
Publisher Little Brown & Co.
ISBN 0316343447
Characters Waldo, Wilma, Woof and the Waldo Watchers
Objects Waldo's key
Preceded by The Great Waldo Search (1989)
Followed by The Magnificent Poster Book! (1991)
Special Edition

Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Fun Book! was a Where's Waldo activity book, released in 1990. The book introduces Wilma, her dog Woof and the Waldo Watchers.


  • A Message From a Megastar
  • A Great Moment of Romance
  • The Muddy Swamp Jungle Game
  • The Wonderful Portrait Puzzle
  • The Waldo Fun Show
  • Sticker Pages
  • The Sharp-Eyes Silhouette Game
  • Old Friends
  • Ding-Dong! What a Dog Fight
  • The Beat of the Drumbs
  • Oh, What a Lovely Maze!
  • The Fun goes on, and on and on and on...


  • Unlike the previous three Waldo books this book featured different kinds of puzzles and games rather than just the traditional detailed crowd scenes. The other kids of additional puzzles included spot-the-differences, coloring pages, and a board game. The book was also a smaller paperback book that included stickers and press-outs.
  • This book introduced the characters Wilma, Woof, and The Waldo-Watchers. It also was the first book to feature Waldo's key.
  • The book featured 99 diffrent Waldo-Watchers, later Waldo books would only feature 25.
  • Each page featured a postcard from Waldo or Wilma similar to the ones used on the pages of Where's Waldo.
  • Wizard Whitebeard, who appeared in The Great Waldo Search and would later become a Waldo book regular, only appears in one scene in the book, the "Old Friends" scene. His appearance is not mentioned or noted in anyway as he is just another one of many previously seen characters featured in the crowd.
  • The book featured the location WaldoLand, which was first seen in The Great Waldo Search (where it was called "The Land of Waldos").
  • "A Great Moment of Romance" is very similar to Exhibits 9 and 10 from The Great Picture Hunt. They are both scenes that are doubled and you must spot the difference between the left page and the right page. They are also both loaded with doppelgangers of Waldo. Exhibits 9 and 10, however also have duplicates of Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, and Woof.
  • The scene "Old Friends" was completely redrawn for The Great Picture Hunt, but was still very similar. The version in The Ultimate Fun Book was black and white and only featured characters from the first three Classic Series books. The Picture Hunt version was in color and has characters from all books up to The Wonder Book.
  • "A Message From a Megastar," "The Muddy Swamp Jungle Game," "The Waldo Fun Show," "The Sharp-Eyes Silhouette Game," "Ding-Dong! What a Dog Fight," The Beat of the Drumbs," and "Oh, What a Lovely Maze!" were all reprinted in The Incredible Paper Chase. The Silhouette Game, would finally be colorized in its reprint and many of the reprinted scenes would be renamed.