The Magnificent Poster Book!
Publication Information
Author Martin Handford
Illustrator Martin Handford
Published November 1991
Publisher Little Brown & Co.
Pages 12
ISBN 0316343528
Scenes The Monsterous Monsters
The Castle Seige
On The Beach
Military Parade
The Nasty Nasties
Land of Sports
Unfriendly Giants
Among the Pirates
The Future
The Land of Waldos
The Old Friends
Characters Waldo, Wilma, Wenda, Woof, Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard and the Waldo Watchers
Preceded by The Ultimate Fun Book (1990)
Followed by Where's Waldo in Hollywood (1993)
Special Edition

The Magnificent Poster Book, a regular sized book, and miniature edition book for size comparison.

Where's Waldo? The Magnificent Poster Book was a collection of Where's Waldo? posters released in 1991. The book introduces Wilma's twin sister Wenda and the evil Odlaw. Several of the posters were reprints of scenes from past Waldo books. It is the largest Waldo Book in terms of the cover size measuring 15 inches by 21 5/8 inches. However, the pages themselves are roughly the same size as the two page spreads from previous Waldo books. Ten of the pages are perforated and have blank whitespace on the backs of them so the owner can rip them out and hang them up. "The Land of Sports" is not perforated and must be removed by undoing the staples in the center of the book because it is a two page spread.


  • Of the 11 scenes, 5 were from past Waldo books and 6 were brand-new (however 5 of the new scenes would be republished in later books, namely 2006's The Great Picture Hunt.)
    • "On The Beach" was first seen in Where's Waldo?.
    • "The Future" was first seen in Where's Waldo Now.
    • "The Nasty Nasties", "Unfriendly Giants" and "The Land of Waldos" were first seen in The Great Waldo Search.
    • "Among the Pirates" was later republished in Plundering Pirates
    • "The Castle Siege" was later republished in Fighting Knights
    • "The Monstrous Monsters", "Land of Sports" and "Among the Pirates" were later republished in The Great Picture Hunt.
    • "Military Parade" is the only scene exclusive to this book alone.
    • "The Castle Siege" and "The Old Friends" would later be republished in The Incredible Paper Chase.
      • The same concept and theme of the "The Old Friends" scenes had already been explored in The Ultimate Fun Book and and was later revisited in The Great Picture Hunt using the name "Old Friends" for the scenes, however both of the illustrations are unique scenes that are different from the scene in the Magnificent Poster Book.
  • The book held the first appearances of Wenda and Odlaw. It also marks the last time Wilma is seen.

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