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The Land of the Carpet Flyers
Episode Information
Air date November 16, 1991
Network CBS
Run time 23 minutes
Writer(s) Julianne Klemm
Be on the lookout for...
A topsy-turvy tower, a carpet flyer loosing his lunch, a stairway to nowhere and a henway.

Preceded by A Stone Age Story
Followed by The Living Exhibits

When there is trouble in the Land of the Carpet Flyers, Wizard Whitebeard sends Waldo and Woof to help. The two travelers soon meet Rudniesh, a carpet weaver a problem. It is only a few hours until the big Rug-Burner 500 race. The winner of the Rug-Burner 500 gets to rub a lamp, and if a genie comes out of the lamp they are declared the king. Rudniesh was going to enter the race, but his plans for a special racing rug were stolen along with everyone else's rugs. With only hours to go until the race, all the other racers want Rudniesh to weave them replacement rugs but the large workload is unbearable.

Everyone suspects that the mean Ali Blobi stole the carpets in order to win the race. So Waldo, Woof and Rudniesh follow the clues to uncover the mystery. Unable to retrieve the missing plans in time, Waldo lends his rug to Rudniesh to enter the race. After a long and heated race between Ali Blobi and Rudniesh, Blobi comes out victorious. Yet when Ali Blobi rubs the lamp (and the genie) the wrong way, Rudniesh's luck turns around.

This episode was based off the illustration "The Land of the Carpet Flyers" from The Great Waldo Search.


In order of appearance

The Narrator, Waldo, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, carpet flyers, Rudniesh, Ali Blobi, red birds, six-armed Cyclopes, Princess Ala la la, the genie

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