The Land of Woofs is the final scene in The Wonder Book. It is a land occupied by hundreds of dogs just like Woof. The real Woof is the only dog with five red stripes on his tail. According to Waldo's message, it is his favorite page included in the Wonder Book, and as such was marked with a special book mark.

The Land of Woofs contains a dog hotel with many humans catering to the needs of dogs. There is a puppy play ground, a bone-shaped swimming pool, a race track (where the dogs can chase people in cat, sausage and mailman suits), dining tables, massage tables and other items for the canines. The service people all wear red and white striped vests, blue bow ties, blue pants, and black and white shoes.

The location is similar in concept to The Land of Waldos and The Odlaw Swamp in that it contains many versions of the same character. Woof is found in the upper right corner 1cm from the top left corner of the swing set and 5 cm down and right slightly from the left head light of the car at the dog house.

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