The Great Waldo Search
WW2 Front & Back
Developer(s): Radiance Software
Publisher(s): THQ
Platform(s): NES
Released: June 19, 1992
Genre(s): Puzzle
Mode(s): Single-Player

The Great Waldo Search is a video based on the book The Great Waldo Search . The game has three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and expert. The difference between the difficulties is the time given for each level (and "expert" has no clock refills to give you extra time).

The pictures are slightly animated images of Waldo scenes, the player has to scroll along the long picture to survey the scape while searching for Waldo and other objects. The directional buttons control a magnifying glass and is used in order to "find" objects.

In each of the stages the player must find both Waldo and a scroll to complete the stage. Waldo's dog Woof is also in each of level and by finding him the player gets to play a small bonus game to collect points while controling Woof on a flying carpet.


  1. The Carpet Flyers
  2. The Underground Hunters
  3. The Battling Monks
  4. The Unfriendly Giants
  5. The Land of Waldos


NES Carpet Flyers

Screen shot of The land of the carpet flyers


  • Programming: William B. Norris IV
  • Production: Philip Ho, Doug Braun
  • Art: Wendy Salin, Mike Mangano, Kevin Kirk, Maurice Morgan, Steve Jasper, Melanie Seghetti
  • Music: Doug Brandon
  • Executive Producer: Howard Philips
  • Based on the books by: Martin Handford