Written by Rachel Wright
Illustrator Martin Handford
Published June 1, 2001
Publisher Candlewick Press
Series Fun Fact Books
ISBN 0763613002

Plundering Pirates, a Where's Waldo? "Fun Fact" book, looks at historical facts about pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries. The book features Waldo, Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw. Similar to the classic Waldo books, Plundering Pirates includes a list of additional objects to find throughout the pages of the book.

The book also included a large fold-out poster of "Plundering Pirates" from The Magnificent Poster Book!.


  • Ahoy There, Waldo Fans!
An introduction letter from Waldo.
  • When Pirates Ruled the Waves
A map of popular pirate territory.
  • Ships of Prey
A cutaway diagram of a typical pirate ship
  • Life on Board
An illustration of the eating, sleeping, and recreational habits of pirates on board a ship.
  • Behave or Else!
An explaination of the rules pirates must follow and the punishment for breaking them.
  • Land Ahoy!
A look at the reasons pirates would go on land.
  • Pirate Attack!
An explaination of the protocol for carrying out a pirate attack.
  • Wicked Weapons
Descriptions of weapons commonly used by pirates; plus instructions on how to use a cannon.
  • Loads of Loot
Explainations of what pirates would do with the things they stole.
  • Fearsome Flags
Facts about the Jolly Roger.
  • Sticky Ends
Details on pirate execution and notable historical pirate deaths.
  • Vile Villains
A look at six of the most famous pirates in history.
  • The Plundering Pirates Poster
A fold out poster, a reprint of the "Plundering Pirates" illustration from The Magnificent Poster Book. The scene was also reprinted in The Great Picture Hunt.
  • Fighting Knights Checklists
Lists of things to find within the pages of the book.

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