My Left Fang
Episode Information
Air date September 14, 1991
Network CBS
Run time 23 minutes
Writer(s) Rowby Goren
Be on the lookout for...
A scary bat that belts homeruns, a ghost with a polka dot hat, and a prisoner with extra long arms.

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Followed by Forest Women

Wizard Whitebeard sends Waldo and Woof on a quest in the land of the Nasty Nasties. There the two travelers meet Fang, a young and nerdy vampire who does not want to grow-up to become a mean and horrid vampire; instead he wants to be human. With Waldo's help, Fang searches for the magic scroll that can help him change who he is. Along the way they meet up with witches, vampires, ghosts, mummies, and Clyde (a four-armed prison guard). The evil and awful Odlaw tries to keep up with Waldo and grab the magic walking stick, but is thwarted (as usual) by a series of unfortunate events and calamities.

This episode was based off the illustration "The Nasty Nasties" from The Great Waldo Search.


In order of appearance

The Narrator, Waldo, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, the Vampire King, Fang, Vampira, Honest Hesta the Witch, Mummy, Mummy Dog, Clyde, long-armed prisoner, chortling door knocker, the princess


Waldo: Cheer up Fang, soon you’ll be as normal as I am.
Fang: Hey, don’t try to talk me out of it!

Waldo: Where are your manners, Woof? Say hello to the little terrifying monster.

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