In every classic Waldo book, there are objects to find. Aside from several recurring characters, there are several specific items the reader is asked to find - some appear in every scene of the book, while others will appear just once.

Note: This listing does not include the additional items listed in the "check lists" at the end of each book.

Where's Waldo?

One of Waldo's missing items on every page


The missing items, from Where's Waldo in Hollywood

    • Cup in "the City"
    • Snorkel at "the Beach"
    • Binoculars at "Ski Slopes"
    • Tea kettle at "Campsite
    • Sleeping bag at "Train Station"
    • Shovel at "Airport"

Backpack at "Sports Stadium"**Camera at "Museum"

    • Mallet in "at Sea"
    • Bag in "Safari Park"
    • Belt in "Department Store"
    • Walking stick in "Fairground"

Special edition only items

Find Waldo Now

  • One of Waldo's missing books on every page
    • Light purple book in "the stone age"
    • Gray book in "The Riddle of the Pyramids"
    • White book in "Fun and Games in Ancient Rome"
    • Pink book in "On Tour with the Vikings"
    • Blue book in "The End of the Crusades"
    • Green book in "Once upon a Saturday morning"
    • Brown book in "the Last Days of the Aztecs"
    • Orange book in "Trouble in Old Japan"
    • Red book in "Being a Pirate"
    • Gray book in "Having a Ball in Gaye Paree"
    • Yellow book in "The Gold Rush"
    • Light blue book in "The Future"

Special edition only items

The Great Waldo Search

  • One of Wizard Whitebeard's scrolls in every scene
    • Red-ribboned scroll in "The Gobbling Gluttons"
    • Green-ribboned scroll in "The Battling Monks"
    • Blue-ribboned scroll in "The Carpet Flyers"
    • Pink-ribboned scroll in "The Great Ball-Game Players"
    • Yellow-ribboned scroll in "The Ferocious Red Dwarves"
    • Tan-ribboned scroll in "The Nasty Nasties"
    • Orange-ribboned scroll in "The Fighting Forester"
    • Purple-ribboned scroll in "The Deep-Sea Divers"
    • Gray-ribboned scroll in "The Knights of the Magic Flag"
    • Light green-ribboned scroll in "The Unfriendly Giants"
    • Light Blue-ribboned scroll in "The Underground Hunters"
    • Red and White-striped-ribboned scroll in "The Land of Waldos"
  • Walking sticks, glasses, bobble hats on every page
  • Waldo's shoe in "The Land of Waldos"

Special edition only items

The Ultimate Fun Book

  • Waldo's key in every scene
  • Mallet in "Old Friends" (referencing Waldo's missing objects from Where's Waldo?)
  • Book in "Old Friends" (referencing Waldo's missing books from Find Waldo Now)
  • Wizard Whitebeard's scroll in "Old Friends" (referencing the missing scrolls from The Great Waldo Search).
  • Waldo's walking stick in "The Beat of the Drums"
  • One missing bobble in "The Beat of the Drums"
  • Wilma's shoe in "The Beat of the Drums"
  • One missing bobble in "O, What a Lovely Maze!"
  • Waldo's shoe in "O, What a Lovely Maze!"
  • Wilma's umbrella in "The Fun Goes on"

The Magnificent Poster Book

  • Waldo's key in every scene
  • Ten missing bobbles
    • 3 bobbles on "The Castle Siege"
    • 1 bobble on "The Beach"
    • 1 bobble on "The Military Parade"
    • 2 bobbles on "The Land of Sports"
    • 2 bobbles on "Among the Pirates"
    • 1 bobble on "The Moon"
  • Waldo's shoe in "The Land of Waldos"

Where's Waldo in Hollywood

Special edition only item

  • One missing bobble on "The Swashbuckling Musketeers"

The Wonder Book

The Great Picture Hunt

The Incredible Paper Chase

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