It's A Gruel, Gruel World
Episode Information
Air date September 28, 1991
Network CBS
Run time 23 minutes
Writer(s) Evelyn A. R. Gabai
Bill Matheny
Be on the lookout for...
A glutton in a pot, a tasty table and a striped mushroom.

Preceded by Forest Women
Followed by The Great Ball Game

Chef Baker Cook, who cooks all the food in the land of the Gobbling Gluttons is tortured by a curse from the evil (and ugly) witch Porcina. Due to Porcina's spell, the people of the land are eternally hungry, and Chef Baker Cook has to keep feeding them all – day and night. Waldo and Woof are sent to help him stop the gluttons' hunger. As they try to break the curse they run into Elvis Parsley, the blue mushroom miners, and a slew of other wacky characters. Odlaw trails behind teaming up with the witch Porcina to stop Waldo in his task, and again attempting to get his hands on the magic walking stick. However Odlaw runs into trouble when he falls in love with Porcina.

This episode was based off the illustration "The Gobbling Gluttons" from The Great Waldo Search.


In order of appearance

The Narrator, Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard, Woof, Waldo, Tabby the Waldo-eating tiger, the Gobbling Gluttons, Chef Baker Cook, Porcina,A Slobering Worthies monster vegetables, Elvis Parsley, crows, the blue mining mole trolls, Troll Chief


Narrator: Odlaw you steaming scuzz, is there no level you won’t stoop too for Waldo’s walking stick?
Odlaw: Let me think...no.

Waldo: Pardon us, but you’re the chef, aren’t you?
Chef Baker Cook: Congratulations, Sherlock. What tipped you off?
Waldo: Simple, you were the only one who wasn’t chewing.

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