Fred is a leader of the grey knights featured in the Where's Waldo? episode "Forest Women". His army is attacking the forrest of the Forrest Women and living mud in search of the magic fruit. Fred kidnaps Woof and Queen Emeralda in hopes of locating the magic fruit.

Odlaw takes a liking to the despicable Fred, and will do anything to try and impress Fred and win his approval. Odlaw hopes that not only will he be able to get a share of the magic fruit, but with Fred's help he can finally get his hands on Waldo's Walking Stick.

Fred reaches his demise when he finds himself stuck in a puddle of the living mud.

Fred was voiced by Jim Cummings.


Fred: Tell us the location of the magic fruit or else.
Emeralda: Or else what?
Fred: I don't know, no one's ever asked before.

Emeralda: So then there's no reason I should tell you that the magic fruit is in the same place Waldo is.
Fred: Ah ha, see I tricked you! Now I know where the magic fruit is.
Emeralda: So where is it?
Fred: With Waldo.
Emeralda: And where is he?
Fred: I don't know.

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