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In the fifth season episode "Halloween" (originally aired on October 28, 1997), Dr. Frasier Crane hosts a Halloween pary in which people are asked to come dressed as literary characters. Bulldog, Frasier's co-worker, comes to the party dressed as Waldo, a character unfimilar to the sophisticated and intellectual Crane brothers.


Frasier: And as what literary character will you be attending?
Bulldog: Waldo! [Frasier looks at him blankly] From "Where's Waldo?" He's like in sixteen books! And you call yourself well-read.

Bulldog: No, wait, wait! Guess who I am?
Niles: I give up.
Bulldog: I'm Waldo! From "Where's Waldo?" You know, that guy you can't find because he blends into the crowd?
Niles: I don't know, but I'd love a demonstration.