Waldo Watchers
Here, There

Dear Waldo-Watchers,

Hey, everybody; here is my quick world-wide-web welcome! As you can see, I've just finished setting up my very own wiki, and now I'm off to take a quick trip to the magical mountains of Nepal, where it's rumored you can find a family of abominable snowmen who are actually quite nice. I can't wait to see what else I find!

You know I really love to travel, but I also love sharing my adventures with people all over the world. Putting this wiki together will be lots of fun. But of course I'll need help from my friends - Wenda, Woof and Wizard Whitebeard. Even Odlaw has somethings to add. Plus you can join in and add things to the wiki as well!

Since my humble beginnings in 1987, I've appeared in over a dozen books, had my own TV show, my own series of video game and my own comic strip, I've been dubbed a pop-culture icon by VH1, and even appeared on cereal boxes, trading cards and bed sheets. And there is so much more - it'll take a whole wiki just to describe it all.

Here you'll be able to find all sorts of excitement, information, fellowship and more. You can read about my travels, my friends, and meet other fans. Join the fun and start adding and expanding articles. Together the Waldo Watchers of the world can create a great resource and community.

So add us to your favorite places list, dust off your bobble-hat and prepare for the ultimate online Waldo experiance. Well, in the meantime, my train has reached its destination, so it's time for me to say 'hi' to the abominable snowpeople - if I can find them, that is.

See you around!