Odlaw’s the name! Here's my little message to all of you. This is all the space they would give me, and to think they gave the rest to that insipid Waldo and his dumb old dog. So, I better make use of my space and use this space well. First I would like to say that an Odlaw Wiki would be a lot better use of webspace than a Wiki about that blasted Waldo. Sure he's the "star" of the series, but that's just because of his magic walking stick. If I had that stick, I would have used it to get all to gold in Fort Knox. I would be rich and Waldo would be nothing more than a red and white striped idiot.

Odlaw 4

Now after great thought I have decided to use this space to give a peek into some of the nastiest folk I've met during my never-ending quest for Waldo's magic walking stick. Only the sneakiest and strange will get mention here - readers beware.

Now, one of the sneakiest creature I've met on my travels is Vampira, a lovely lady, but with a nasty habit of hanging from trees by her feet. I've tried that, and all the blood rushes to my head! She inhabits the land of the Nasty Nasties, a wild land full of all kinds of wretched scum.

Odlaw 2

Oh, and then there's Porcina, a beautiful witch with a fetching jalapeno on her head. I met her while tracking Waldo though the land of the Gobbling Gluttons. I had a crush on her, but she just wanted to crush me, period!

Odlaw 5

Sidney the Octopus, a pirate from the Land of the Deep Sea Divers, is the most suspicious cephalopod I've ever met. I think he must be keeping his eye out for squidnappers, hee! hee! I better watch what I say because Sidney could crush me like a bug - and he has.

Odlaw 1

But the most bad tempered chap must be 'the Mighty Fred' from the Fighting Forest. It was a shame that Waldo found the magic fruit and helped the forest women defeat him and his army. I think he was starting to like me. I was almost part of his evil army, and with that kind of support I am sure Waldo's stick could be mine. But mind you, that wearing a tin can all day would make anyone stink. Perhaps I should take him some 'under armer deodorant'!

Odlaw 3

Last but not least, I come to a sneak in flashy sneakers, Ali Blobi. This chap is way ahead of the rest. Coming from the Land of the Carpet Flyers, he is my kind of scum.

Well that's enough about my fellow villians! Now where is that red-striped fool, and that blasted walking stick?